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Financial Planners in Dubbo

Foundation Wealth Planners in Dubbo will provide you greater comfort and clarity to follow your financial journey and achieve your goals. Tailoring holistic financial advice, guidance and wealth accumulation and protection strategies to benefit Australians. With our  experience, you'll love that we can partner you in meeting your financial planning needs! Our personal approach sets us apart - we're known for our no-nonsense, straight-forward and easy to understand advice. 

Our clients come from all walks of life and present with different requirements and circumstances. The kind of wishes our clients have varied from those who would like to invest a lump sum and do not require anything else, to those who would like to review their entire final situation and attitude to money and everything in-between.

With a holistic approach to the financial planning process, Foundation Wealth Planners enjoys understanding the unique financial goals & objectives of their clients. This enables them to provide each person with the guidance they need & to develop a financial plan tailored to meet their unique goals and lifestyle objectives. The first meeting is always free. For quite a few people an initial conversation is of great value and all that is needed whilst others become lifetime clients and friends.

The investment world has never appeared more complex & daunting. The media regularly bombards investors with notoriously short focused glee or panic stories. At Foundation Wealth Planners, we don’t take unnecessary risks & we don’t adopt unproven strategies - we focus on what drives investment returns. When investing for clients we focus on these key principles - markets work, risk & reward are related, diversification reduces investment risk, asset allocation determines performance.

Looking After your Financial Needs

  1. Strategic Financial Planning

    We encourage our clients to have a full Life Financial Plan. We know that there is always bumps in the road that can change your financial journey. We will partner with you, giving you greater comfort and providing clarity to follow your plan and achieve your goals. While they’re all complex individuals with different goals, incomes and lifestyles, they all share one thing in common – they delegate to us so they can focus on what is really important to them.


  2. Cash flow, Budgeting and Debt Management

    Managing your cashflow, budget and debt management is the most important thing you can do. The heart and soul of any successful financial plan or achievement of important financial goal is achieved through disciplined financial management of all cash inflows and more importantly outflows!

  3. Superannuation & Retirement Planning

    Foundation Wealth Planners (FWP) will manage your financial resources to make sure you are with the right superannuation fund.  No matter what stage you are in your life FWP can assist you in pursuing your ideal retirement. Foundation Wealth Planners will assist you when approaching retirement, or in retirement on how to invest your savings including superannuation so you are able to replace your wage with regular income throughout retirement.

  4. Wealth Creation & Investing

    At FWP we don’t take unnecessary risks and we don’t adopt unproven strategies – we focus on what drives investment returns. When investing for clients we focus on these key principles:

    • Markets work
    • Risk and reward are related
    • Diversification reduces Investment Risk
    • Asset Allocation determines performance
    • Maintaining discipline
  5. Wealth Protection & Life Insurance

    Foundation Wealth Planners view insurance as vital because our role is not only applying strategies to create wealth; it’s to equally implement strategies to protect wealth. Our clients are counselled on the insurance risks they can afford to carry and the insurance risks that can lead to financial ruin.

  6. Business Protection & Succession

    Whether your business is structured through a partnership, company or trust, few have effective mechanisms in place for the transfer of equity and/or control if one of the owners is lost to the business due to
    death, disablement or a critical illness. A business succession plan incorporating insurance funding protects your investment and ensures the survival of your business should one of the business owners or a key person die, become disabled or suffer a critical illness

  7. Estate Planning

    Planning for the future includes planning for the legacy you leave behind. Good estate planning doesn’t leave room for chance, it ensures your wishes are carried out and maintains clarity for your loved ones in a time of loss.

  8. Centrelink Entitlements

    The Australian Government offers a range of social security services and payments to support those in need and assist people to become self-sufficient. Foundation Wealth Planners will make dealing with social security less overwhelming.

  9. Aged Care

    Whether considering options for yourself or a loved one, aged care is a complex area and requires careful thought. Foundation Wealth Planners can guide through questions such as but not limited to:

    • What upfront costs will i need to pay?
    • How much will I pay for ongoing care?
    • Can I keep the home or is it better for me to sell it?
    • How do I maximise my social security benefits?
    • How can I afford to pay for ongoing care?
    • Will I have something to leave for my family?
    • How much tax will I need to pay?

Meet Your Financial Planner

Belinda is a Certified Financial Planner and Authorised Representative of FYG Planners. She has been in the financial services industry since 2001.

Belinda is a Justice of the Peace, AFP® Member of Financial Planning Association of Australia, a  SMSF Specialist Advisor™ and has completed the Masters of Financial Planning,  Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning. Belinda is a CFP® professional.  Belinda attends seminars regularly to build her knowledge base and to maintain current taxation, legislative, industry and strategic requirements to ensure the best possible outcome for clients.

Our Advice Process



At Foundation Wealth Planners we want you to understand the steps and why they happen so you can be part of the financial journey.  Whatever stage of life you’re at, Foundation Wealth are interesting in finding out about you, what motivates you and what your financial goals are. We want to get a full picture of where you are now financially, where you want to be financially and to identify what financial hurdles you may face.

Learn about the power of markets

Financial Advice - When is it Needed

Life events often trigger the need for financial advice. Below are a number of triggers you may come across where you can seek financial planning advice.

  1. Common Trigger Events (May occur at any age or life stage)
    • Achieving one of your financial planning goals – that’s something to celebrate! It may be time to identify and work towards a new goal.
    • Your attitude towards financial matters change or you become anxious about our financial affairs – this could be influenced by an external trigger. 
    • Struggling to stick to debt management/budget plan
    • Getting a tax refund/bill or bonus
    • Receiving an inheritance or windfall
    • Redundancy
    • Changing job or income
    • Self-employment – starting or changing business with someone else.
    • Divorce or separation
    • Losing your partner
    • Change in Dependent
    • Getting a pet
    • Changes in lifestyles e.g hobbies/interest (which may be more expensive)
    • Dealing with illness
    • Renovations
    • Holiday house purchase
    • Travel holidays
    • Increased debt
  2. Aged Based Trigger – 20s to 40s Career and Family Builder
    • Buying a car
    • Buying a house
    • Getting married
    • Starting a career
    • Having children
    • Increased debt
    • Further study
    • Change in career
  3. Aged Based Trigger – 40s to 50s Mid-Life
    • Children’s education
    • Family health care
    • Becoming a carer of parents
    • Thinking about your future retirement
  4. Aged Based trigger – 50s to 60s Pre-retirement
    • Business/career exit strategy
    • Employment payout
    • Children move out of home
    • Children get a job
    • Paying off your mortgage
    • Assisting children to purchase property
    • Thinking about your future retirement
  5. Aged Based Trigger – 65+ Retirement
    • Children getting married/buying a house
    • Grandchildren
    • Relocating/downsizing/selling your family home
    • Considering age care needs/moving into aged care
  6. External/Environmental Trigger Events
    • Investment performance/economy
    • Changes in laws that may present new opportunities or impact the effectiveness of your current financial plan such as 
      • Financial Planning
      • Superannuation
      • Investment
      • Tax
      • Retirement Income
      • Centrelink and Social Security
      • Produce disclosure and development (particularly in retirement space)
      • Credit
    • Media Coverage – That may raise questions or concerns about the financial plans
    • You are worried about how a change in the external environment may impact your financial plan



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