Ageing brings the curse of vulnerability. Cognition inevitably declines, reflexes inevitably decline, eyesight and hearing inevitably decline, while muscle mass is on slow glide downward as we lose 3-5% each decade from our 30’s. That means strength and balance inevitably declines. There are some preventative measures we can take, but try as we may, in […]

Gifting That Might Be Taking

November 12, 2020

The country and the world have been financially disrupted this year. There’s a section of haves who have done exceptionally well considering the economic calamity. There are a section of have nots who have done exceptionally poorly. This is nothing new. As economies shift, winners and losers are created all the time, though usually not […]

It is a week out from the US Presidential election. We’ve deliberately avoided the election until the very last moment. Why? Its lack of importance. We hear ‘this is the most important election of our lifetime’ almost every election. On some issues, maybe it is. When it comes to investing, it rarely is. Nor should […]

Economic Overview As to be expected, the ongoing and dominant economic and market theme remains COVID-19. More so than ever, with COVID present no quarter will be quite like the previous. While Q1 was one of steep decline and pain, Q2 was sharp recovery and euphoria, while in Q3 markets took a slightly more subdued, […]

Federal Budget 2020/21

October 7, 2020

The delayed and momentous 2020 Federal budget has been handed down. It contains some amazing figures. The normally fiscally conscious Liberal Nationals have turned spendthrifts in a bid to lift the country out of the COVID-19 induced recession. It wouldn’t be a budget without heroic assumptions and the biggest in this budget is the assumption […]