15Jul 2020

2020 June Quarter Review

July 15, 2020

Economic Overview As in the previous quarter, the major theme of the June quarter was COVID-19. In contrast to the punishment investors took in the March quarter, the June quarter provided some relief. Investors saw market rallies that partially countered some of the steep falls of the previous quarter. The easing of COVID-19 lockdowns, patchy […]

08Jul 2020

Government support for retirees in response to COVID-19 & market volatility  What is changing? The Government has temporarily reduced superannuation minimum pension withdrawals for account-based pensions by 50 per cent for the current  financial year. Why the change? The intention is to offer retirees flexibility during this period of market volatility. Retirees have the ability […]

08Jul 2020

When people contact us about property investing it’s usually for one of two reasons. “Can you help me get into property investing?” “Can you help me get out of property investing?” On the first question the answer is always no. The high transaction costs. The lack of diversification. The need to use quite extreme leverage. […]

02Jul 2020

Old & New, Slow & Fast

July 2, 2020

Last week we took a look at how someone might mistake their knowledge, expertise or success in one area for giving them some insight into investing or investment markets. While someone can be brilliant or knowledgeable in their field, it’s not exactly translatable.  No one should ever make the mistake of believing their brilliance in […]

25Jun 2020

Stopping Your Clock

June 25, 2020

You may have heard of the one about the broken clock. Look up at the wall. If the hands aren’t moving on your favourite clock it’s not going to give you the correct time. Yet as the hands don’t move, the time does. Every twelve hours the clock will line up with the correct time […]