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Top Financial Planning Dubbo

Our clients are often busy people. Some are employees, some are employers and some are retired.

We encourage our clients to have a life financial plan. We know that there is always bumps in the road that can change your financial journey. We will partner with you, giving you greater comfort and providing clarity to follow your plan and achieve your goals. While they’re all complex individuals with different goals, incomes and lifestyles, they all share one thing in common – they delegate to us so they can focus on what is really important to them.

We identify ways to maximise rewards from your existing financial resources. Our strategic financial planning services can help with the following two areas:

Primary Strategic Advice 

  • All aspects of superannuation.
  • Assist you as a fund trustee of a SMSF to make smart decisions with your super and assist you in the ongoing role you perform as trustee
  • Retirement strategies and planning
  • Risk review, Risk management and Asset Protection Planning for both personal and business insurance
  • Advice in relation to Centrelink and other social security benefits
  • Advice in relation to redundancy
  • Life Goals, aspirations and objectives
  • Values and Expectations
  • Lifelong cashflow modelling, budgeting and debt management
  • Understanding behavioural biases
  • Risk tolerance assessment
  • Minimising capital gains tax on the sale of a business, farm, investments or other assets.
  • Life Event Planning and circumstantial advice
  • Business succession planning
  • Business valuation assessments
  • Business Management issues
  • Estate and Inter-generational planning

Once have looked at the above primary strategic advice our expertise also covers the second area of our advice:

Secondary Strategic Advice 

  • Tailor an investment strategy that suits you
  • Create a plan to ensure you are financially secure into the future
  • Provide you access to wide range of investment options
  • Ongoing reviews of your portfolio, insurance and keep you on track with meeting your goals
  • Select investments which suit you
  • Select the right insurance to your needs.

And as the financial planning landscape evolves and legislation changes, we aim to be dynamic. FWP looks to implement strategies that adjust to changes in your individual circumstances and the changes in the world around you.

Foundation Wealth Planner are a local business. Our business is built on integrity and quality. There is no charge for your first meeting with FWP. This initial meeting will allow us to get to know you