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Inflation or Not?

June 11, 2021

From pooches to second-hand cars, to homes in regional areas, to ground beef in the supermarket. Everyone has a story about how their money is buying less. Eight years ago, you could get this good girl delivered to your front for $1300. Today, or more precisely back in January, she went for $7990, and you […]

The Lies of Melissa Caddick

February 27, 2021

Feet. They have been washing up on the coast of the Pacific Northwest of North America intermittently since 2007. The foot, due to the weakness of the ankle, is the body part most likely to detach during decomposition. When said foot is inside a running shoe, it’s more likely to be buoyant. Depending on the […]

The Value Dilemma

November 26, 2020

Every investor will face a conundrum at some point: what to do when their beliefs don’t work. Sometimes it’s an assumption that becomes lore. A favoured company paid a dividend for 20 straight years. Of course, it’s not going to ever stop paying a dividend… then it stops paying a dividend. A dagger to the […]

Old & New, Slow & Fast

July 2, 2020

Last week we took a look at how someone might mistake their knowledge, expertise or success in one area for giving them some insight into investing or investment markets. While someone can be brilliant or knowledgeable in their field, it’s not exactly translatable.  No one should ever make the mistake of believing their brilliance in […]

Rebalancing and Self-Control

December 13, 2019

Balance, and finding balance. It evokes pictures of rocks stacked upon each other at the beach. It’s something of an ongoing search for time crunched people. How they can bring balance to various aspects of their lives? There are endless self-help books and articles to read about it, but plenty are still aggrieved about their […]