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Economic Overview The world held its breath as it entered the first quarter of 2021. Despite hoping for a peaceful transition from President Trump to President-elect Biden, the US Capitol Building was stormed by supporters of President Trump on January 6. The havoc saw five people die, including a Capitol Police officer. In the wake […]

“el hombre perezoso hace el doble de trabajo.” You might say this Spanish proverb is about the discouragement of a certain behaviour. In almost every facet of life we are encouraged to give our best and work our hardest. It’s something we see taught in school. When we go through our careers. Maintaining our homes, […]

GameStop. Hedge Funds. Wall Street Bets. Robinhood. What is going on? You can read about the story pretty much anywhere at the moment, so we’ll briefly run through it and then take a look at a few other areas we think are important and unlikely to see as much attention. A group of people on […]

2020 End of Year Wrap

December 17, 2020

What did we learn in 2020? Our views were mostly reinforced. Have a portfolio built for your circumstances and if you have a plan, stick with it! The following chart of the Australian sharemarket speaks for itself. Large and unexpected falls are never welcome, but riding them out remains the best course of action. We […]

The Value Dilemma

November 26, 2020

Every investor will face a conundrum at some point: what to do when their beliefs don’t work. Sometimes it’s an assumption that becomes lore. A favoured company paid a dividend for 20 straight years. Of course, it’s not going to ever stop paying a dividend… then it stops paying a dividend. A dagger to the […]

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