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There’s a never-ending cast of characters out in the world who have big opinions on the direction of financial markets. They might run their own newsletters or even their own funds. A number of them are permanently bearish. It’s a way of life and they can’t see things any other way (or their wallets don’t […]

Financial Control

February 1, 2024

The term financial control generally evokes a weaker party being controlled by a stronger one. This might be in a relationship where one partner controls the finances and all financial decisions despite the other one wanting to be involved. There’s also the instance of control where it overlaps with elder abuse. Here a stronger party, […]

Economic Overview Q4 was a very positive end to the year, and despite the gloomy outlook many had for 2023 it was a fruitful one for investors who maintained a bias towards growth in their portfolios. Inflation continued to moderate in the US, while economic growth held up, continuing to defy any recession forecasts. Despite […]

If you’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter wildlife with your car, you’ll know the damage that can occur. Both to the car and the wildlife. Given the speed and the size of a vehicle, often it’s the wildlife who fare the worst, but change the equation and make the vehicle a bike, and the […]

Economic Overview Interest rates and inflation were again major themes in Q4, as the US Federal Reserve delivered a hawkish message to round out the year following its December meeting. This capped off a year dominated by inflation. Inflation figures in many developed economies hit the highest levels since the early 80’s. The high figures […]