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Cashflow planning is important when moving into aged care, but plans can be thrown into chaos if your first invoice shows much higher fees than expected. This article sheds light on interim fees.  The first statement you receive when you move into residential aged care can be a shock, as fees might be far higher […]

Moving into residential aged care can be a stressful period with complicated rules, family conflicts and rushed timeframes. This can easily lead to mistakes, which can be costly and difficult to rectify. This article highlights three common mistakes and tips to avoid the traps 1. Rushing your decision The biggest expense you will face is […]

When your family gathers over the festive season, it might present an opportunity to start planning for future care needs. Christmas is a time for families and the New Year is for resolutions. This year, combine the two by making a resolution to pay more attention to how your older parents are coping and start […]

The saying goes, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but with a new brain-friendly cake perhaps you just can. With the Festive Season almost here, you might not want to think about the impact on your waistline. How often are we told that we should stop eating cake and sugar, to lose […]

Second marriages may present additional financial challenges when balancing day-to-day expenses with implications for aged care funding. You may not share finances equally, but Centrelink/DVA will assess your obligations as if you do. Life is full of ups and downs. You might have been unlucky and lost a spouse, but then been lucky to find […]