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Economic Overview Q4 was a very positive end to the year, and despite the gloomy outlook many had for 2023 it was a fruitful one for investors who maintained a bias towards growth in their portfolios. Inflation continued to moderate in the US, while economic growth held up, continuing to defy any recession forecasts. Despite […]

Economic Overview Interest rates and inflation were again major themes in Q4, as the US Federal Reserve delivered a hawkish message to round out the year following its December meeting. This capped off a year dominated by inflation. Inflation figures in many developed economies hit the highest levels since the early 80’s. The high figures […]

The final Federal budget before the imminent Federal election has been released. Given the proximity between these two events, the budget wasn’t expected to be overly frugal and there are goodies. There are one off payments and tax rebates coming to try and keep everyone happy. Some warranted, others debateable. It’s worth remembering we’ve had […]

2021 End of Year Wrap

January 24, 2022

It’s that time of year again. We’d once again like to thank all of you for the support and engagement in another challenging year. We assumed we may have been able to break away from Covid this year, but it wasn’t to be the case. It almost seems like 2021 has been an extension of […]

Click video to listen to story. If you didn’t know, Hamish Douglass is probably Australia’s best known fund manager and is the figurehead of one of the most recognisable funds management businesses in the country: Magellan Financial Group. For years his flagship global fund has outperformed the market based on his convictions. It has afforded […]