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Working Class Returns

September 8, 2021

Seven News recently featured a story on rocker Jimmy Barnes. Jimmy was selling up his family home in Sydney to move to his new base in the Southern Highlands of NSW. What was the price to take over the working-class man’s converted Botany warehouse? Jimmy was hoping to get $4 million, after paying $1.61 million 17 years […]

The Blind Leading the Blind

September 3, 2021

On the 4th of August, CommSec, Australia’s largest online broker released a statement. It began: The limits on trades without a cash deposit are changing from 04 September, 2021. In light of recent market volatility, CommSec is changing trading limits to help protect our customers and minimise risk associated with investing and settlement. In the good […]

Good and Getting Better!

July 14, 2021

“Good and getting better!” Those are the first words he says every time he visits our office. The question he’s asked that prompts such positivity? “How have you been?” He’s a long-term client, now into his mid 50’s whose optimism never fails to impress us. You might be wondering why is this man so positive? […]

I said, “So, Walter, errr, script’s pretty good, huh?” And he said, “The script sucks, kid. I owe my bookie $2 million.” And that was Kevin Pollack’s introduction to Walter Matthau on the set of Grumpy Old Men. It was said Matthau lost $50 million gambling over his lifetime. Matthau’s gambling addiction was so legendary, the odds he’d […]

“Can you tell me which stocks to buy?” Jumping in the deep end before you can swim investment questions aren’t a new thing. People have always contacted us to ask questions that only prompt more questions. Ones they haven’t considered. It’s only natural that if your job involves money, someone will inevitably ask you about […]