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We’ve all been concerned about recent news emanating from the Financial Services Royal Commission and the confidence of Australians to receive trustworthy, thoughtful and appropriate financial advice.  The behaviour of many corporates and advisers has sometimes resulted in a devastating financial impact on investors. Sadly, we have witnessed several of these occurrences when assisting and representing […]

Last night’s federal budget stood out on a tax perspective and there were a couple of other positives to be found. Importantly, we’ve just clocked two consecutive budgets without major superannuation meddling. And the super changes we did get were positive. Pensioners The Pension Loans Scheme will be opened to all Australians over 65, including full […]

2018 March Quarter Review

April 20, 2018

Economic Overview Global economic data remained encouraging during Q1, though after a long period of relative calm and upward movement volatility again reared its head in equity markets. While towards the end of the quarter the potential for trade wars heated up. In the US, economic data continued to be supportive. US business confidence reached […]

Franking Credit Folly

March 23, 2018

Labor’s proposed change to franking credit refunds on dividends has provoked quite a debate in a short space of time. For a quick primer, under the imputation system, companies who pay franked dividends to shareholders can pass on a tax credit for company tax already paid. When shareholders receive the franking credits, they can be […]

Recently the New York Times profiled a man named Erik Hagerman. A former corporate executive, Mr Hagerman is an average man who lives alone in rural United States. So why was the New York Times so interested in him? Turns out he’s deliberately ignored the news since 8 November 2016 – the day Donald Trump […]