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“Can you tell me which stocks to buy?” Jumping in the deep end before you can swim investment questions aren’t a new thing. People have always contacted us to ask questions that only prompt more questions. Ones they haven’t considered. It’s only natural that if your job involves money, someone will inevitably ask you about […]

Purpose Over Details

April 29, 2021

It was a Wednesday morning, and the coffee and biscuits were all laid out. The room was filled with about twenty over fifties. It was a retirement information session put on by a local council for their employees. After accepting the invitation a few weeks earlier, we were speaking third. The topic was obviously retirement, […]

Economic Overview The world held its breath as it entered the first quarter of 2021. Despite hoping for a peaceful transition from President Trump to President-elect Biden, the US Capitol Building was stormed by supporters of President Trump on January 6. The havoc saw five people die, including a Capitol Police officer. In the wake […]

“el hombre perezoso hace el doble de trabajo.” You might say this Spanish proverb is about the discouragement of a certain behaviour. In almost every facet of life we are encouraged to give our best and work our hardest. It’s something we see taught in school. When we go through our careers. Maintaining our homes, […]

Lessons From Nomadland

March 4, 2021

  In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis a shift occurred in how some older people lived their lives across the USA. For the most part it wasn’t a choice. It was forced. As home prices fell while jobs and savings evaporated, holding onto a house became a struggle. For some it became impossible. […]