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After the RBA left interest rates on hold last week the commentary quickly shifted to when they would be cut next. To co-opt a line from Star Wars, you may have felt a great disturbance in the force “as if millions of conservative investors suddenly cried out in terror”. There won’t be much joy if […]

Today we’ve witnessed a significant event and its real time impact on financial markets. Britain voting to leave the European Union. Despite a final week “Remain” rally that pushed up equities, commodities and the Australian dollar, someone was clearly reading the tea leaves the wrong way. Financial markets love certainty (Remain) while they hate uncertainty […]

Technology has a way of turning today’s roosters into tomorrow’s feather dusters. Paying attention to once seemingly indestructible companies that have fallen over should serve as a reminder to investors that no one company can ever serve their investment needs. Kodak, Polaroid and Blockbuster Video are well known examples of companies crushed by digital alternatives. […]

It’s arguable that raging house prices in some areas across the country have helped to widen wealth disparity between the generations. Young people are acutely feeling their inability to get into the housing market. While those older and well established have seen their equity increase beyond even their own belief – to the point where […]

It seems like a long time since February 10. If you can’t remember it, here are two reminders from the Australian Financial Review: ASX slides into bear territory; 4600 looms ASX succumbs to bear market contagion That was the most recent market bottom. This week the AFR was printing very different headlines: Rally in US […]