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Last month in another country, a man we’ll call Jim, watched one of his beloved investments tumble 16% in the space of as many days. Jim’s investment is (or was) ‘beloved’ because he’d attached all sorts of historical and emotional significance to it. The company, Jim told his adviser, was going to change the world. […]

2016 March Quarter Review

April 28, 2016

Economic Overview China, commodities and central banks were the focus for global investors in a volatile quarter that swung from fear about global growth prospects to relative confidence. In China, data showed factory output growing at its slowest pace in eight years and investment at its weakest in at least five years. Beijing is seeking […]

There are three givens when it comes to investing. The first given: if you meet an investor who is looking to try something new, or is restless about their investments, it’s almost inevitable that they’ve recently endured some poor returns. The second given: if you meet an investor who has no intention of changing a […]

It’s always fun when investment gurus or media talking heads put together a list of their top investments to buy. History has shown no one, from professional investment manager to average Joe, can consistently outperform the market. Yet despite the litany of evidence against stock picking, many in the media are still prepared to chance […]

Measuring the ASX 200

March 31, 2016

The ASX 200 – it’s often referenced, but few of us really know what’s behind that number we’re quoted on the nightly news. So get ready for some useful information because you’re about to find out what the ASX 200 is really made up of! If you hold any share fund this will also be […]