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It appears it’s not just Australia who has a problem with financial advisers at big financial institutions and banks. A new US study into misconduct in financial advice has shown misconduct is much more prominent than those seeking financial advice would ever want it to be. Done over ten years from 2005-2015, the study by […]

If you’ve spent any of your time listening to talkback radio or reading discussions online you’ll know wading into politics can be a dangerous game. Hot-headed people escalate arguments at the drop of a hat over the fortunes or criticism of their side. So when politicians wade into our own industry or our areas of […]

Another year and we’re seeing another scandal at one of the big banks. This time it’s Commonwealth Bank. Or we should say Commonwealth Bank are at it again, given their scandal plagued history. This time their CommInsure arm has been exposed through an investigation by 4 Corners and Fairfax reporter Adele Ferguson. The investigation uncovered […]

There are all manner of ways you can be sold diversification, but one of the worst is the lie that you can enjoy diversification by owning one company. And for evidence of this you should look no further than BHP Billiton, the world’s largest (or second largest depending on who you listen to) diversified mining […]

The downside (and benefit) of investments measured in real time means there are ever-present signals that generate real time reactions and real time emotions. When markets are moving upward the signals are positive and investors exhibit a sense of ambivalence because that’s what they invested for, right? When they are moving downward there’s a sense […]