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Apples with Apples?

July 12, 2018

The ‘active versus passive’ debate in funds management is a guaranteed space filler in the financial media, but it would help the general public if those making the comparisons got their facts straight. A recent article in Professional Planner by John Peterson of the Peterson Research Institute cited the outperformance of Australian Super’s actively managed […]

We’ve all been concerned about recent news emanating from the Financial Services Royal Commission and the confidence of Australians to receive trustworthy, thoughtful and appropriate financial advice.  The behaviour of many corporates and advisers has sometimes resulted in a devastating financial impact on investors. Sadly, we have witnessed several of these occurrences when assisting and representing […]

In & Out of Fashion

March 9, 2018

The latest investment fad is over. Bitcoin went from euphoria to revulsion inside of three months. Only a reality television marriage could turn uglier at a faster rate! The proof comes in the form of this chart we’ve compiled that contrasts the weekly Bitcoin price with weekly Google search interest in the term ‘Bitcoin’. The […]

It could be argued to regularly follow the media is to pursue the extremes of public discourse. Especially, when it comes to politics. Watching the TV, it can be frightening to think of some of the crazed minds that turn up to various ‘pro this’ and ‘anti that’ rallies, but remember they’re not actually representative […]

The year’s winding down, so in the financial world that can only mean one thing – forecasts for next year. Every mainstream media outlet will be putting them together over the next month because A. people like lists; and B. they’re easy to string together. The thing to always keep in mind: they’re all worthless. […]