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Recent Market Volatility

February 12, 2018

After a period of relative calm in the markets, in recent days the increase in volatility in the stock market has resulted in renewed anxiety for many investors. From February 1–5, the US market (as measured by the Russell 3000 Index) fell almost 6% and in Australia, the S&P/ASX 300 Index fell almost 5% during […]

2017 Year in Review

January 25, 2018

Economic Overview Once again, the investment strategy of maintaining discipline and holding for the long term won out over reacting to media forecasts and predictions from hyperventilating partisans. In January 2017 CNBC suggested Wall Street was the most bearish they’d been in 12 years, as it turned out, the global economy continued to strengthen as […]

It could be argued to regularly follow the media is to pursue the extremes of public discourse. Especially, when it comes to politics. Watching the TV, it can be frightening to think of some of the crazed minds that turn up to various ‘pro this’ and ‘anti that’ rallies, but remember they’re not actually representative […]

Economic Overview Despite continued political uncertainty amid rising tensions with North Korea’s ‘rocket man’ and the ongoing failure of the Trump administration to realise its policy goals, sentiment for the September quarter was largely undimmed. In the US, both economic data and forward-looking activity indicators did slightly deteriorate towards the period end in the wake […]

2017 June Quarter Review

July 28, 2017

Economic Overview Political uncertainty remained a feature in the June quarter as President Trump dismissed FBI director James Comey and French and UK elections were held. In the EU, risk eventually retreated as the Centrist and Pro-EU candidate Emmanuel Macron won a convincing victory in the French elections. In the UK things weren’t quite as […]