Cashflow planning is important when moving into aged care, but plans can be thrown into chaos if your first invoice shows much higher fees than expected. This article sheds light on interim fees.  The first statement you receive when you move into residential aged care can be a shock, as fees might be far higher […]

Gotta Be Right Twice

June 10, 2020

Australia was burning in late January. China was announcing confirmed human to human contact of COVID-19, locking down Wuhan province and building temporary hospitals. While many in Australia were distracted by home affairs, some investment managers had their eye on China. Nucleus Wealth was one. A small active manager in Melbourne with an international focus. […]

Media Omission & The Market

September 13, 2019

“The markets haven’t been very good lately,” the investor said with some concern. “Should we be doing something?” Markets were off their highs. Trump was being Trump. August had been one of those months. Off nearly 5% in a week. Sideways for the next three. A slight upward burst at the end, but the media […]

Healthy Returns

June 29, 2018

Losing money is no joke. Witness all those forlorn investors who regularly appear on A Current Affair, 7:30 and 4 Corners, recounting how they were trying to secure their future before some financial disaster befell them. Whatever the cause (and we’ve discussed plenty of them) inevitably the discussion will turn away from their financial pitfall […]

Last week the Productivity Commission released a report into superannuation. No surprise, it didn’t paint the best picture. Suggesting the super industry was lacking competition and accountability, while many funds were still acting in their own best interests and not their members. It came with a few recommendations from the productivity commission to address the […]