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Tough to earn a buck for nothing these days. While that’s always been the case for our labour, there was always the illusion of some free cream from our money in the bank. Illusions, being illusions, this wasn’t strictly true. There was always tax and inflation nipping back any real return for doing nothing. Illusions […]

The Value Dilemma

November 26, 2020

Every investor will face a conundrum at some point: what to do when their beliefs don’t work. Sometimes it’s an assumption that becomes lore. A favoured company paid a dividend for 20 straight years. Of course, it’s not going to ever stop paying a dividend… then it stops paying a dividend. A dagger to the […]

Economic Overview As to be expected, the ongoing and dominant economic and market theme remains COVID-19. More so than ever, with COVID present no quarter will be quite like the previous. While Q1 was one of steep decline and pain, Q2 was sharp recovery and euphoria, while in Q3 markets took a slightly more subdued, […]

As the virus drags on, economies start to look bleak. Investors who rode the markets down to the depths of March and back out again, start to think… ‘None of this makes sense, surely the market is going down again.’ News lately hasn’t been positive. Wave two condemns Victorians to house arrest, and a seemingly […]

2020 March Quarter Review

April 17, 2020

Economic Overview The spread of COVID-19 had a significant impact on global economies and investment markets in the March quarter. Rarely does any single issue wholly dominate economic and market data for a quarter. Yet COVID-19 arrived and wiped away focus on any other issue.  Apart from the oil war, which itself was relegated to […]