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2021 June Quarter Review

July 26, 2021

Economic Overview Attention turned to vaccinations and reopening economies in the second quarter of 2021, by the end of the quarter over 3 billion vaccine doses had been administered globally. There are now strong indicators of a robust and lengthy economic expansion ahead. Around the world there are now businesses desperate to hire new employees, […]

Good and Getting Better!

July 14, 2021

“Good and getting better!” Those are the first words he says every time he visits our office. The question he’s asked that prompts such positivity? “How have you been?” He’s a long-term client, now into his mid 50’s whose optimism never fails to impress us. You might be wondering why is this man so positive? […]

Salary Sacrificing a Bonus Awarded a bonus at work? Depending on circumstances, it may be worth salary sacrificing the bonus into  superannuation. This can increase retirement savings & lower taxable income. The benefit depends on the difference between the 15% tax on super contributions and your marginal tax rate. Also be aware of the    concessional […]

Inflation or Not?

June 11, 2021

From pooches to second-hand cars, to homes in regional areas, to ground beef in the supermarket. Everyone has a story about how their money is buying less. Eight years ago, you could get this good girl delivered to your front for $1300. Today, or more precisely back in January, she went for $7990, and you […]

GameStop. Hedge Funds. Wall Street Bets. Robinhood. What is going on? You can read about the story pretty much anywhere at the moment, so we’ll briefly run through it and then take a look at a few other areas we think are important and unlikely to see as much attention. A group of people on […]