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Inflation or Not?

June 11, 2021

From pooches to second-hand cars, to homes in regional areas, to ground beef in the supermarket. Everyone has a story about how their money is buying less. Eight years ago, you could get this good girl delivered to your front for $1300. Today, or more precisely back in January, she went for $7990, and you […]

GameStop. Hedge Funds. Wall Street Bets. Robinhood. What is going on? You can read about the story pretty much anywhere at the moment, so we’ll briefly run through it and then take a look at a few other areas we think are important and unlikely to see as much attention. A group of people on […]

Social media has been blamed for being the cause of many ills over the past decade. The ability to analyse our behaviour and micro target us with advertising may become the biggest ill of all. Being able to blatantly tell lies and distort the truth to a narrow group of people is regarded as a […]

Economic Overview 2020 will be a year of note in the history books. The problems started pre Q1 when spring 2019 bushfires seemed to rage endlessly in parts of Australia, extending into Q1 and contributing to one of the country’s worst bushfire seasons on record. Hot on the heels of the bushfires, the COVID-19 pandemic […]

2020 End of Year Wrap

December 17, 2020

What did we learn in 2020? Our views were mostly reinforced. Have a portfolio built for your circumstances and if you have a plan, stick with it! The following chart of the Australian sharemarket speaks for itself. Large and unexpected falls are never welcome, but riding them out remains the best course of action. We […]